Lựa Chọn Kích Thước Giường Ngủ Phù Hợp | Giường Ngủ đẹp 2020

Lựa Chọn Kích Thước Giường Phù Hợp Với Mọi Gia Đình

The choice of bed is quite simple, the key here is that you must grasp your needs and the basic parameters to make the most appropriate choice. Noithatone.com article today not only gives you the most basic knowledge when choosing a bed, but also suggests you beautiful bed styles for you to choose. Let’s see it!

Feng shui size of single bed.

Giường đơn, also known as a bed for one person. The standard size of this type of bed is approximately 0.8m in width and 1.9m in length. However, you can also close the bed to a wider or slightly longer size (depending on the purpose of use as well as your preferences) without affecting feng shui.

Feng shui size of the double bed.

250/5000Double beds (as the name implies) are very suitable for two people. With a standard size of 1.6m wide and 2m in length, this double bed will help to bring comfort, spaciousness and comfort to users.

Feng shui size of Queen bed.

Queen bed has standard size of 1.53m in width and 2.03m in length. This bed is suitable for newlyweds and has a good income.

Feng shui size of King bed.

Giường vua is quite large size, so its impact on the interior design of the bedroom is not small. So if you choose this type of bed, pay special attention to the color, its material and furniture that match the overall interior design idea of the whole room.

Feng shui size of the bed is large.

This style of bed is usually quite large and very comfortable for two people. However, with its large size, this 2m2 bed is quite expensive and only suitable for large bedrooms.


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